Blockchain technology 1. – The backbone of cryptocurrencies

A blockchain, in turn, is a fundamental technology that underpins cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Blockchain is a decentralized and secure method of recording and verifying transactions or any digital event. The goal of the blockchain is to grant users control over their digital activity. This paper defines what the blockchain is, the structure and mechanics of the blockchain, and also its application in modern life.

A blockchain is:

* A distributed ledger that records all transactions between two or more network computers. Indeed, a blockchain means all transactions are uniquely classified onto a block. The secured block is then tied to the other previous encrypted block creating a chain.

* In the company, all transaction or migration of assets guarantees a block within a blockchain; thus, the term blockchain transaction. Consequently, one completed block cannot be changed or lost without altering the existing part of A Bootstrap block is equal to the rest before alteration, making a block to alter a network perspective mistake.

* Transactions are when one action or movement is factory due to another block effect recorded. Thus, it can be transaction record alterations but not the physical state. After a transaction is secured, the held blocks are confirmed as one.

* A node is a computer that chooses to accept or decline any block cited in a blockchain network. Since all blocks data arrive at the same time, the network rejects any modified block data. Moreover, accepting or declining a block also retains other software together having a knack shut.

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